A Review of MongoDB and Singularity Container Security in regards to HIPAA Regulations

By Staff

Dec 5, 2017 | Blog, Media

Nowadays Linux Containers which have operating system level virtualization, are very popular over virtual machines (VMs) which have hypervisor or kernel level virtualization in high performance computing (HPC) due to reasons, such as high portability, high performance, efficiency and high security[1]. Hence, LXCs can make an efficient and secure big data analytic framework with the help of secure, efficient, easily scalable, and highly available databases. A concern for security on high performance computing clusters is high for the transdisciplinary Texas Tech University (TTU) EXPOSOME Project. This project mainly focuses on sensitive healthcare data which is operating in the Quanah Linux cluster in the High Performance Computing Center of Texas Tech University.

A Review of MongoDB and Singularity Container Security in regards to HIPAA Regulations:

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