Now Live: Singularity 3.0!

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Oct 8, 2018 | Blog

We are excited to announce the release of the newest version of our innovative container runtime platform: Singularity 3.0! This release further differentiates Singularity as the ideal container technology for AI, machine/deep learning, compute driven analytics, and data science. Singularity 3.0 will provide users with access to an expanded ecosystem of resources, including Remote Builder, Container Library, and Key Management services, giving enterprise users everywhere the necessary tools to seamlessly and efficiently tackle today’s most demanding workloads in Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC) and High-performance Computing (HPC).

Singularity continues to solve the challenges of security, flexibility, and reproducibility found in many container technologies today. Lenovo chose to mitigate these challenges by embracing support of Singularity to help build part of their Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration (LiCO). “Singularity is a foundational element of our LiCO software strategy to harness the power of open source and make AI simple for our enterprise customers,” Said Scott Tease, Executive Director of HPC and AI Business, Lenovo Data Center Group. “Singularity 3.0 builds on what is already an extremely efficient and easy-to-use container runtime solution, differentiating their platform with exciting new features designed to further optimize enterprise use-cases.”

Singularity 3.0 also features a variety of platform enhancements, including Singularity Image Format (SIF), cryptographically signed and verifiable container images, base code rewrite into Go/C, enhanced instance support, and networking management for containers. The combination of the expanded ecosystem of resources along with our platform enhancements have set Singularity apart as the premier container runtime solution, enabling your company to seamlessly and efficiently tackle today’s most demanding Artificial Intelligence, machine/deep learning, and advanced analytics workloads


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