Update to examples – October 2

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Oct 26, 2018 | Blog, How To Guides

Here are a few more Singularity containers, that we at Sylabs have put together:

Caffe is a Deep Learning framework.

Singularity Definition File

Horovod is a distributed-training framework for TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch. The goal of Horovod is to make distributed Deep Learning fast and easy to use.

Singularity Definition File

MongoDB is an open-source DataBase Management System (DBMS) that uses a document-oriented database model which supports various forms of data.

Singularity Definition File

Nginx + PHP
Nginx is open-source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more.

Singularity Definition File

Orange is a data-mining environment used for Machine Learning and data visualization.

Singularity Definition File

We have also posted the relevant files for Spark and RStudio.

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