Our Gomanila Year-End Meetup Presentation: Singularity Containers & The Rewrite To Go

By Staff

Dec 19, 2018 | Blog

The year-end meetup of GoManila in the Philippines was held earlier this week. On the agenda was Sylabs’ software engineer Andre Marcelo-Tanner. After introducing Singularity in his presentation, Andre focused attention on the reimplementation of the Singularity core in the Go programming language – a matter topical not only for this meetup held in the Philippines, but also for Sylabs, who lead this strategic effort.

As you might expect, Andre provided a technical overview of the significant effort that went into refactoring Singularity – from conception in early 2018 to Golang reimplementation and release this past October. He didn’t stop there however: in preparing for his GoManila presentation,  Andre consulted with his colleagues by asking them a few questions. The outcome of this reflective process was quite remarkable, and Andre included a summary in his presentation. Although you’ll need to listen to his presentation and review his slides, we’ll share here that he extracted feedback regarding:

  • The wins and gains of converting the Singularity core into Go
  • Challenges encountered in converting the Singularity core into Go and in making use of the language
  • Comparisons between Golang and other languages
  • Lessons learned from the entire process

Even for those possessing significant expertise with Go, the feedback that Andre acquired, digested, summarized, and shared is worth hearing.

Before wrapping up his session, Andre provided a live demo that featured:

Andre’s presentation was streamed live via Facebook. In the recording that is available here, you’ll want to advance to about the 34-minute mark to catch the start of his presentation; the demo follows his talk. Finally, Andre’s portion of the meetup concludes with an interesting Q&A session.

GoManila aims to “… share [] knowledge, experiences, and best practices with fellow Golang enthusiast[s].” across the Philippines. We applaud their efforts, and were delighted to participate in this final meetup of 2018.

If you’d like to contribute to Singularity, Go knowledge is a huge asset. However, to get started with Singularity from the DevOps perspective, all you need is the Golang runtime and a laptop – as Andre had for his demo.

Note: The featured image for this post is the meetup’s rendition of Gopher (the Go mascot) wearing a Barong Tagalog – according to Andre, formal men’s attire in the Philippines.

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