RIKEN’s Fugaku Utilizes Sylabs’ SingularityPRO

By Staff

Aug 28, 2020 | Blog, Media

Sylabs is proud to announce that the world’s fastest supercomputer, RIKEN’s Fugaku, has selected SingularityPRO:


SingularityPRO offers the team at RIKEN the widest range of supported scenarios for their researchers to secure applications via Singularity Image File (SIF) containers. The RIKEN team chose SingularityPRO due to its superior compatibility, wide industry acceptance and security capabilities.

Fugaku, a supercomputer jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, was ranked No. 1 in the 55th TOP500 list of the world’s supercomputers. The supercomputer Fugaku has more than 150,000 high-performance CPUs A64FX developed by Fujitsu based on the ARM instruction set. Last year Sylabs developed a version of SingularityPRO to support Fugaku and the Fujitsu A64FX…

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