New virtual data fabric to support DoD cyber testing

By Staff

Feb 13, 2023 | Media

As cybersecurity threats increase in complexity and volume, the Department of Defense is turning to new technologies for help.

DeciSym and Sylabs recently joined forces to develop a virtual data fabric for the Department of Defense. The Measure & Share Storage Virtual Fabric addresses a specific and critical need within the DoD to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cyber testing, allowing accurate information sharing across organizational and classification enclaves.

By using advanced container technology, this collaboration leverages the capabilities of Sylabs SingularityPRO and Singularity Enterprise, which will serve as critical infrastructure for enabling the packaging and sharing of data in tiered compartments with credentialed analysts.

According to Don Pellegrino, CEO and founder of DeciSym, the containerization technology provided by Sylabs has helped address a key challenge: The successful utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the staging and prepping of data to make it scientifically reproducible — all while maintaining security protocols such as encryption and identity verification.


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