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Update to examples – October 2

Here are a few more Singularity containers, that we at Sylabs have put together: CaffeCaffe is a Deep Learning framework. Definition File HorovodHorovod is a distributed-training framework...

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Spark on Singularity

Apache Spark is a fast, in-memory data processing engine applicable to large-scale data processing, for both batch and streaming machine learning that requires fast access to data sets. Apache Spark’s run-everywhere ethos is now taken a few steps further with the BYOE...

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NodeJS on Singularity

We knode you would want NodeJS on Singularity so we you made a recipe. Setup: On your host, create a folder called “node” where we will store our files:To create our recipe and test file run:At this point, your host’s “node” folder will contain the following...

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