SingularityCE Updates

SingularityCE is Singularity

Singularity, which has been developed under the guidance of Sylabs since inception, is an ecosystem with multiple players. Of those players, the SingularityCE project will continue to provide the core development for Singularity and SIF.

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What’s in a SingularityCE Release?

Now that SingularityCE 3.10 has shipped, let’s take a look at what’s in a release, and who makes it happen. Our goal is that SingularityCE should be a true community project that is accessible to both users and developers. At each sixth-month release, going forward,...

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SingularityCE 3.10.0 Release

We're pleased to announce SingularityCE 3.10 is now available at the link below. This release brings numerous improvements including greatly expanded support for cgroups / resource limits, and options for better OCI / Docker compatibility. It also contains some behind...

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