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Singularity has become an attractive container technology for running batch-style jobs because it was designed specifically to encapsulate reproducible application stacks into a single file. Its simplicity allows for seamless integration with GPUs and interconnects that are common to high-performance computing (HPC) environments. Running SingularityPRO™ on high-performance computing (HPC) server platforms expands Singularity Community’s open source capabilities and includes commercial support and access to a growing value-added container ecosystem.

This white paper illustrates the business drivers for adopting container-based software models and the capabilities built into the SingularityPRO commercial offering. It will also address how Singularity container technology running on platforms solve the challenges of parallelized AI, deep-learning/machine-learning, and data analytics workloads on large clusters—all without compromising security or privacy.

Three key takeaways from this whitepaper include:

  • Typical use cases for Singularity Community/SingularityPRO running on HPC server
  • The unique value of SingularityPRO for today’s enterprises
  • The benefits of SingularityPRO compared to other container offerings


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