For users of high performance computing (HPC) systems who run mission-critical data science, artificial intelligence, and compute-driven analytics, SingularityPRO offers defined product life cycles, long-term support, compliance & risk management.

Organizations today need the flexibility to package their HPC applications and libraries in one scalable container that can be moved to different systems/hardware environments without breaking. The Singularity container runtime offers:

  • Reproducibility
  • Mobility of compute
  • Validated data integrity
  • Trusted Dev-ops workflows
  • Compatibility with existing container ecosystem
  • Native support for resource managers, IB, GPUs, parallel FS, and more

The Open Source Challenge

Organizations with mission-critical applications require stability, long-term support, and customized functionality not offered with open-source software (OSS).

The Solution

SingularityPRO provides licensing, enterprise-level support, professional services, cloud services, and value-added tooling for performance-intensive compute environments

Benefits of Going PRO

Easy to Use

Whether you’re a just learning to code, or an experienced developer, SingularityPRO helps you leverage software containers to get work done.

Stable and Secure

With back-ported security patches and bug fixes, SingularityPRO provides feature stability while keeping your compute environment secure.


Whether your containers are stored in an OCI container registry, the Sylabs Cloud, or Singularity Enterprise, they’re compatible with SingularityPRO.

High Performance

Leverage the latest high performance hardware to accelerate your workflow. With built in support for GPUs and high speed interconnects, SingularityPRO has you covered.


Our enterprise-grade support gets you the help you need, whenever you need it. Get connected with the team that leads the development of the project.

Singularity provides a single universal on-ramp from laptop, to supercomputer, to cloud.

Users of singularity can build applications on their desktops and run hundreds or thousands of instances—without change—on any public cloud.

Features include:
  • Support for data-intensive workloads—The elegance of Singularity’s architecture bridges the gap between HPC and AI, deep learning/machine learning, and predictive analytics.
  • A secure, single-file-based container format—Cryptographic signatures ensure trusted, reproducible, and validated software environments during runtime and at rest.
  • Extreme mobility—Use standard file and object copy tools to transport, share, or distribute a Singularity container. Any endpoint with Singularity installed can run the container.
  • Compatibility—Designed to support complex architectures and workflows, Singularity is easily adaptable to almost any environment.
  • Simplicity—If you can use Linux®, you can use Singularity.
  • Security—Singularity blocks privilege escalation inside containers by using an immutable single-file container format that can be cryptographically signed and verified.
  • User groups—Join the knowledgeable communities via GitHub, Google Groups, or in the Slack community channel.
  • Enterprise-grade features—Leverage SingularityPRO’s Container Library, Remote Builder, and expanded ecosystem of resources.
Supports Traditional HPC Resources
Resource Manager Agnostic
SIF: Single Image Format
Cryptographically Signed and Verifiable SIF
Compatible with OCI Images
No Persistent Daemon Processes
Support for Non-Root (Rootless) Users Running Containers as Themselves
Blocks Privilege Execution Within a Container
BOYE: Bring Your Own Environment Usage Model
Support for AI/HPC Workflows and Architectures
Supports GPUs Natively
Self-Service Support Model (Open Source)
Code Curation
Streamlined Security Updates
Preferred Security Updates
Signed Singularity RPM/DEB Packages
Acces to Sylabs Cloud Keystore
Access to Sylabs Cloud Container Library
Acces to Sylabs Cloud Remote Builder
Enterprise Support
Enterprise Integration

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