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Containers have revolutionized the way we handle high performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) workloads across shared systems and cloud environments. They’ve also become indispensable for enhancing the security of edge devices. Sylabs solutions, which redefine container performance while bolstering efficiency and security, are at the heart of this revolution.

High Performance Computing

Sylabs SingularityCE and SingularityPRO provide a consistent and portable software environment across diverse clusters and architectures in HPC environments. Leveraging the versatile Singularity Image Format (SIF), Sylabs solutions allow for easy sharing and distribution of Singularity container files while boosting security. And they not only support Open Container Initiative (OCI) but also pair this universality with specialized security frameworks—critical for shared computational resources. These features and more make them the go-to choice for researchers, scientists, and engineers working in HPC environments.


Support for accelerators, resource managers, high speed interconnects, parallel file systems, and more.

Tailored for Multi-Tenant Systems

Designed to be read-only and do not require privileged permissions or separate daemon processes.

Enabling FAIR Science

Improves the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of computational workflows

Singularity has won EIGHT HPCwire Readers and Editors Choice Awards since 2016 for Top Products or Technologies to Watch and Best HPC Programming Tool or Technology!

8X HPCwire Editors Choice Award Winner

Strengthened software IP protection

Maintain device container encryption during software execution

Real-time software integrity verification

Immediately identify problems and take action

Seamless integration with existing workflows

Incorporate easy-to-add steps to current CI/CD workflows

Edge Computing

With native support of encryption and signatures from one or more parties, and no requirement to be decrypted to storage before running, SingularityCE and SingularityPRO are ideal for edge and detached use cases.

Sylabs is also at the forefront of developing innovative, patent-pending techniques for keeping mission-critical software fully encrypted on edge devices at all times. These techniques, which can be easily integrated into DevSecOps workflows, will work across popular container solutions used in edge and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, ensuring software integrity before, during, and after deployment in support of Zero Trust principles on every device.

Cloud and Data Center

Designed for compute-driven workloads, SingularityCE and SingularityPRO containers offer unparalleled security, performance, and portability for cloud and data center environments.

With built-in and seamless OCI compatibility, Singularity acts as a bridge across popular enterprise container solutions. A unique security model enables Singularity containers to run without root access, mitigating privilege escalation risks on host systems in multi-tenant environments. And their simplicity and portability makes them ideal for a wide range of enterprise use cases.


Consume less CPU and memory, enabling faster startup times compared to virtual machines.


Consolidate all application dependencies within a self-sustainable image to streamline management.


Run containers consistently across computing environments, from single servers to cloud platforms.

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